Planting chili seeds

You can get chili seeds for planting in garden centers, online shops and even fresh chili peppers. These seeds start to germinate after a few days as soon as you plant them in soil. A humid, warm climate is important.

Here are a few tips to make sure that as many chili seeds as possible germinate:

Planting in a mini greenhouse🌶

Chili seeds need at least 20 °C (68 °F) to germinate. The germination rate is higher if you use a mini greenhouse. A humid climate of 25 - 28 °C (77 - 83 °F) should prevail in the greenhouse. You will need an unfertilized substrate for cultivation. Wadding, growing soil or source tabs are suitable for sowing. We have had good experiences with coconut source tabs.

capsicum seedling
Capsicum Seedling

After you have prepared the substrate, plant the seed at a depth of about 0.5 - 1 cm (~0,3”). Depending on how many seeds you have available, you can use one to three seeds per planting hole. If all the chili seeds open, the seedlings will simply be separated later.

Fresh seeds🌶

Fresh seeds germinate the fastest. At some supermarkets you can get chilies as a mix. Choose the ripest chilies possible. The seeds of green chilies are only partially developed. It is rare for seeds from green, unripe chilies to germinate.

Dried seeds🌶

Dried seeds are best ordered in the many shops that specialize in chili products. Here you can find seeds by genus, severity and variety.

Capsicum annuum plants are usually the easiest for beginners. Those who like it hot will easily find chilies with a sharpness of 9 or 10. Milder varieties have a sharpness of less than five. Peppers, without the sharpness-causing capsaicin, have 0 degrees of sharpness.

Soak chili seeds🌶

Many chili growers soak dried chili seeds overnight in lukewarm water. Some recommend chamomile tea. Bacteria, fungi and pathogens are weakened so that they do not spread further. Later, the chili plant has enough of its defenses. So, it can’t hurt to let the seeds swell in lukewarm chamomile tea. By soaking the chilies also germinate faster.

Germ duration🌶

The germ duration with most seeds lies with 10 – 21 days. If the seeds have not germinated, they may have rotted or dried out. If the soil is too wet and concurrently the temperature is too low, this can easily happen. You should take care to keep a humid but not wet climate in the greenhouse. Ventilate regularly once or twice a day. This also prevents the formation of mold.


When the plants have germinated, they are pricked close together. Carefully loosen the soil and pull out the seedling and root. You should transplant only one chili plant in a 15 cm flower pot.

When to start planting?🌶

You can actually start growing chilies at any time. The plants can be grown indoors all year round. Plants for the balcony or garden are best planted in February. Habaneros and Rocotos are best in January. From mid-May sowing can also take place directly outdoors.

Planting Chili Seeds
Planting Chili Seeds

You can grow wonderful plants from chili seeds. They look beautiful and are incredibly productive. After the first chilies have been grown from seeds, many people fall for this hobby passionately. This never gets boring. There are too many varieties for that.

From mild to hot, ornamental chilies to the longest chili pepper. Some seeds are so rare that they can only be obtained through good chili friends.

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