Making your own chilli salt

Chilli salt combines the salt in the soup with the fire of life. A spice mixture of sea salt and chili powder is easy to make. With fresh chillies it can be conjured up in the twinkling of an eye. A hot, tingling Fleur de Sel including chili tastes more brilliant than any spice on its own.

There are more than two ways to make chilli salt yourself. We have collected our favorite recipes here.

Chili Salt
Chili Salt

Chilli salt with chilli powder🌶

Undoubtedly the simplest variant. Put coarse primeval sea salt with chili powder in a mill. Mix in several short impulses of the kitchen mixer. Carefully avoid chilli dust when opening the lid. It is better to wait until the dust has settled. Depending on the desired degree of sharpness, you can mix powder and salt 1:1.

With small dried pods🌶

Coarse Himalayan salt with its typical pink color and small Bird Eye Chilis harmonize well. If you have them, you can put them both in a coffee grinder and turn them manually. For this purpose, a new purchase is also worthwhile. Instead of Himalayan salt, other rock salts and, for example, dried Pequin Chilis can also be used.

Chilli salt with fresh chilli peppers🌶

Cut a thin-walled pepperoni or cayenne into thin slices. Do not remove grains and placenta beforehand if you like it hot. Put the chopped or chopped chilli in a mortar. Since you crush the chilli pieces with the pestle and salt, it doesn’t matter how small you cut the peppers. A chili on three to four heaped tablespoons of salt is usually perfect, which you can recognize by its reddish color.

A chilli salt made in this way can be placed on the table. So, everybody can take it for himself. Spread in thin layers on raw vegetables, it is a medium-hot poem.

Drying chilli salt in the oven🌶

Proceed as described in the previous prescription. If your chillies are too thick and juicy and the chilli salt becomes muddy, spread it on baking paper. Bake in an oven, if possible with circulating air. Bake at below 100 °C until it is easy to break. Crush the resulting salt plate in a mortar or kitchen blender.

Hot Chilli Salt🌶

This chilli salt is not only hot, it is also produced hot. It works best in a wok: Put four tablespoons of normal salt without oil in a hot wok pan. Stir the salt constantly over medium heat. By constantly moving, the salt gets even heat.

White salt should now change to a light creamy tone. Now put it in a small bowl. Be careful, it does not steam, but it is very hot. Add a spoonful of sugar and half a spoonful of hot chilli powder to the three spoonfuls of heated salt. In Asian cuisine, the same amount of glutamate is added. Glutamate is a flavor enhancer that is not appreciated by all Europeans or Americans.


You can round off any of the above chilli salt recipes with dried herbs, tomato, tomato paste and cocoa. Cocoa is a great taste experience with hot chillies and brings the great chocolate taste with it. Oregano, bear’s garlic and rosemary are suitable herbs. Spices to refine: pepper, garlic and curry.

salt, chili & lime
Salt, Chili & lime

Chili salt is ideal for seasoning fish, meat, vegetables and spreads. Delicious in Chili con Carne and on potatoes. You can make it so easily and season it so well, you’ll miss something if you don’t even try it yourself.

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