Chili Care

Caring for chili plants and cultivation in the garden, on the balcony and indoor.

When caring for chilies and chili peppers, you should ensure a sunny location, good soil, sufficient water and fertilizer. The roots of Capsicum plants are very sensitive to water logging. If the plant is cared for according to the needs, you can count on a rich harvest.

Paprika plants are usually grown from seeds at the beginning of the year. Ornamental peppers are ideal as houseplants. Larger ones are planted out on the balcony or garden in May. Here you will find contributions from growing the seeds to harvesting the spicy fruits.

Maintaining chili plants🌶

What you should know about watering, fertilizing and harvesting, we have summarized under the topic of the care of chili plants.


Chili Plants Pot Size

Chili plants grow optimally in flower pots and plant containers. You don't need to plant chillies outdoors. It's also possible in the house with the right pot size.

Container garden image

Chilis fertilize

Magnificent chili plants with countless fiery red chillies. So that this does not remain a dream, pepper plants should be supplied at the right time with fertilizer.

Watering can

Watering chili plants properly

Most chili plants die because they are not watered properly. If this is done carefully, the root ball will not dry out. Read more

Chili leaves

Chili plant leaves falling off

If many chili leaves fall off, turn yellow or brown - please sit down now - this is not a good sign. Unfortunately, it is certain that the chili plant is not doing well.

Chili plant wall

Chili plants in the house

If you don't have a garden or balcony, you can grow chili plants all year round indoors. In the winter months, chillies grow in many breeders' homes.

Planting seeds

Planting chili seeds

You can get chili seeds for planting in garden centers, online shops and even fresh chili peppers. How? Lets get started:

Balcony chilli plant

Planting chili on the balcony

Chillies can be grown and cultivated wonderfully on the balcony. They look decorative and their exotic fruits can be used fresh in the kitchen. How to?

Chili bed

Chilli Neighbors

It's astonishing: in the right neighborhood, chili plants grow much better. While researching the reasons exciting things were discovered. Read More.


Chili Plants Pests

Pests on chilli plants can strike anytime and anywhere. However, before the plants are infested, you can counteract this with sensible countermeasures

Soaking chili seeds

Soak Chili Seeds

The fresher the chilli seeds get into the soil, the higher the germination rate. With dried seeds, the germ count is unfortunately often lower.

Young paprika plant

Chili Plants Soil

Basis of a great chili breeding is a suitable soil. The right substrate should have a loose and stable structure and more:

Chili flower

Chili plants pollinate blossoms

Each flower of a Chili can pollinate itself. In order for the plant to form chillies, pollen does not need to be transferred from other flowers. Why? Read more.


Chili Plant Temperatures

Chillies like it warm. But at what temperature does a Capsicum plant feel really comfortable? Does the perfect degree depend on the type and phase of the plant?

Chili hibernate

Chilis hibernate

As soon as chillies bear a lot of fruit, the short season ends outside. At night the thermometer approaches dangerously close to zero. How to protect:

Chili plant sunlight

Hardening: Chili plants get used to sunlight

Chili plants are preferred by some breeders as early in winter. This should give a head start for a solid harvest in late autumn. Can i put the plant outside from one day to another?

Chili plants field

Chili-plants remove side shoots

By "pinching out" gardeners mean the breaking out of side shoots on plants. An additional shoot forms between the trunk and a branch. Read more:

Plant clones

Cloning chillies

Among the many self-grown chillies there is often one plant that puts all the others in the shade. It grows particularly splendidly and the proud breeder would like to have more of this species.

Chili paprika seeds

Drying chili seeds

Seeds of especially beautiful chillies should be saved for next year. To preserve fresh chilli seeds, they are first dried. If the seeds are dried carefully. Read More:

Chili diseases

Chillies no longer grow

Sometimes the chili breeding is to milk mice. They do everything they can to make chili plants and seedlings feel good, but they just stay pathetic. What to do:


Chili Cultivation Monthly Calendar

xciting chili growing tasks are to be done from January to December. They are happy to fulfill real breeders with a lot of dedication.

Water chillis

Distilled water for chilies

In regions with hard tap water, you should mix it with distilled water. Why it is better when watering. Read here more:

Chili seeds breeding

Chili Breeding Guide

In this guide to growing chillies you will learn how easy this is. You can grow chillies, peppers and habanero yourself from seeds.

Here you can find more topics about chili:

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Chilli varieties

Chilli varieties

There are about 4,000 varieties of chili in the world. These can be divided into five Capsicum species and a further 28 wild forms. Which types , you can read here.

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Chillies are eaten fresh or preserved after harvesting. They can be frozen, dried and freshly processed into appetizing bites. Read more...


Interesting facts

Chillies are easy to grow. Native Americans cultivated them almost 10,000 years ago. They came to Europe through Christopherus Columbus. More interesting facts.

Chili Care

Plant care

Chilis in the garden, on the windowsill - every Capsicum plant needs care. Just watering and fertilizing is not enough. Your efforts will be rewarded with plenty of hot chilli peppers. You can read how you harvest them here:

How to harvest chilis