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Chillies are easy to grow. Native Americans cultivated chillies almost 10,000 years ago. She came to Europe through Christopherus Columbus. Here she has been bred for about 500 years.

Chili is also called Chili Pepper, Spanish pepper, Chile, pepperoni, paprika and chilli.

The sharpness of Chilis is indicated in Scoville. If the chillies are too hot, yoghurt is the best. The spiciness causes the substance capsaicin.

Chillies are rich in vitamin C. Chillies are actually chili berries. The spicy vegetables stimulate digestion. Read on comfortably in the interesting articles:

Scoville table

Scoville Scale, table and measure sharpness

On the Scoville Scale, the Sharpness of Chillies and Chilli Sauce is measured. Now, the concentration of capsaicinoids is determined with modern instruments.

Chili shell

Grow chili bonsai

Making a bonsai tree yourself is a tedious business. You should plan about 5 - 10 years for a deciduous tree. Isn't it obvious to start with fast growing chillies as a beginner?

Chili size

Size of Chili Plants

Depending on the variety, chili plants can grow up to four meters in size. Popular chili varieties such as Cayenne, Anaheim and Jalapeno average around 1,3 m.

Growing habanero

How old do chilies grow?

How old chili plants can get and lives depends on the variety and climate. Depending on the type of chili, the plant can grow to different ages. Read more:


Difference between pepperoni and chili

Before we explain the difference between pepperoni and chili, first a few helpful facts. All pepper varieties have their origin in Central and South America. Read more:

Wild chilitepin

Chili history, origin & distribution

In history, until 1492, chillies only existed on the American continent. They were widespread from the south of today's USA to Argentina. Read more about the history of chilis:

Fire hot peppers

Hottest chilies in the world

Top 10 hottest chilies in the world. Since the new millennium, the events surrounding the world's hottest chili have been in full swing.

Fire chillis

Making chili plants hotter

To make existing chillies sharper, you can use a few tricks. Actually, the sharpness is essentially determined by the type of chili. How to change:

Thai curry

Defuse chili dishes

If small clouds of steam swell out of your ears during tasting, this could be due to a chilli con carne that is too sharp. It is possible to neutralize the fire?

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Chili Care

Chili plants care and cultivation in the garden, balcony and indoor. When caring for chilies, you should ensure a sunny location, good soil, water and fertilizer. Read more:

Chilli varieties

Chilli varieties

There are about 4,000 varieties of chili in the world. These can be divided into five Capsicum species and a further 28 wild forms. Which types , you can read here.

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Chillies are eaten fresh or preserved after harvesting. They can be frozen, dried and freshly processed into appetizing bites. Read more...