Chili spiciness from hands cleanse

If you like spicy food, you’ve probably already faced the same problem: After cutting chillies, your hands and fingers burn. In addition, if you wipe your face with these hands covered with capsaicin, it can be a nasty sight.

The mistake of not having washed my hands after cutting the chili has already happened to me. While wiping off the sweat that formed while eating the hot chili con carne, I came into the eye with one finger. Believe me, it hurts. It was helped by the contact lens fluid of my roommate with which I was able to wash my eyes.

The best way to avoid such a Capsaicin fault is to wear gloves. If you have forgotten this or have none at hand, here are a few tips to wash the chili sharpness of your hands.

Cleaning hands after cutting chillies🌶

An oily substance from the chillies has adhered to the skin. It contains a substance called capsaicin. This capsaicin is responsible for the burning of the chillies. Now we have to get rid of the fat- and alcohol-soluble capsaicinoid. By washing your hands several times with the right household remedies, your hands will soon be neutralized.

Vegetable oil🌶

With vegetable oils for frying you get the sharpness of the Chilis aborted. We like to take sunflower oil ourselves, because we always have it in our cupboard as an inexpensive oil. The hands are rubbed several times and then washed with detergent or soap. Most of the capsaicin collects in the nail bed. Here it burns us the hardest. You better drizzle these places with more than too little vegetable oil.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Dish washing liquid🌶

With ours try to wash the sharpness of the hands, it went fastest with washing-up liquid. There can be two reasons for this. The foam takes a large part of the sharpness with it. Since detergent is fat-soluble, it removes the vegetable oil from the skin more quickly. The capsaicin has dissolved in the fat.


Alcohol is a good solution, at least when it comes to dissolving capsaicinoids. As already mentioned, the sharpening agent is only soluble in fat or alcohol. This is why many American chili lovers always have a bottle of rotgut available in the chili kitchen. After cutting chillies, clean your hands with bad brandy.


Soap alone is not enough. Unless you want to wash your ten fingers more than ten times. No tip to remove chilli from fingers thoroughly.

Yogurt and milk🌶

If the pods were really hot, like the Carolina Reaper and you were as stupid as I was - wearing no gloves - yogurt is a fine variation. On the skin it immediately cools pleasantly. It absorbs the heat quickly and can be washed off quickly. Tender hands are left behind, which hopefully no longer burn.


Cut sharp chillies without disposable gloves turns your hand into magic hands. All sensitive areas will start to burn if you touch these areas. Especially nose, ears, wet areas and eyes are affected. Preparing latex gloves when preparing chili con carne and making chilli sauce is not considered sexy and is irritating to friends of tame cuisine, but is less painful.


If you cut chili without gloves, put a bottle of sunflower oil and washing-up liquid in your hand. Rub your hands with oil and then rinse with detergent and plenty of water. Repeat about five times. I test if there is chilli sharpness on my finger by touching my ear canal. A slight burning indicates another wash cycle.

Also think about cleaning your fingernails. Under it and in the nail bed the invisible sharpening material hides itself particularly gladly. From this cover it strikes abruptly.

From time to time I read the tip to rub the hand with olive oil before cooking Habaneros. With me this simply does not work, because then always the pods slip away me. Am I doing something wrong?

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