Chilis - Cultivation, Care & Harvesting

Cultivation and breeding of chillies in the garden, balcony and indoor. Care of infernally hot Habanero varieties to the processing of chili peppers. The chili plant is a fascinating and useful plant. Here you will find helpful knowledge, instructions and tips.

We love chili plants — and you?🌶

Paprika, pepperoni, Habaneros, they all belong to the fascinating Capsicum family. From the cultivation to the harvest this hobby is a lot of fun. Look forward to the seedlings that grow week after week. Eventually they will form magnificent flowers and fruits. With the self-grown chilli peppers you can conjure up unbelievable, spicy dishes.

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Chili Care

Chili plants care and cultivation in the garden, balcony and indoor. When caring for chilies, you should ensure a sunny location, good soil, water and fertilizer. Read more:

Chilli varieties

Chilli varieties

There are about 4,000 varieties of chili in the world. These can be divided into five Capsicum species and a further 28 wild forms. Which types , you can read here.

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Processing chilli peppers

Chillies are eaten fresh or preserved after harvesting. They can be frozen, dried and freshly processed into appetizing bites. Read more...


Interesting facts

Chillies are easy to grow. Native Americans cultivated them almost 10,000 years ago. They came to Europe through Christopherus Columbus. More interesting facts.

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Drying chillies in oven

The fastest way to dry fresh chillies is in the oven. After a few hours, you can process your chilli peppers into powder or chilli flakes after drying. How fast it goes, read here:

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Fertilizer for chili plants

Magnificent chili plants with countless fiery red chillies. So that this does not remain a dream, pepper plants should be supplied at the right time with fertilizer.

Chili harvest

Harvest chillies

Chillies are harvested in late summer and autumn. For the chili grower, it is his fifth, fiery season of the year. But when exactly are the pods ripe for picking?

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Chili plants have been cultivated for over 6,000 years. Originally in America today worldwide. Hobby gardeners love the variety of Capsicum plant species. Endorphins are released when eating their hot pods. The body's own drug provides moments of ecstasy. Have fun on this page and with your gardener hobby.

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